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I've been a motorcyclist all of my life. Constantly building, riding, racing, and generally having a lot of fun....

Back in 2001, while working as a professional race tech & engineer, my wife was home working on a website. Looked kind of interesting, and since I was kind of into computers, I wondered if I could build one, but what to build? About that same time, I had a race coming up, and was out of tear offs for my Arai. Called everybody. Nothing.

Finally found some at a small race shop in Costa Mesa. $11.95 for a pack of 15!!
"What the heck? That's like throwing dollars onto the track!"

At that moment, I knew the purpose. Went home, and launched Wakularacing.com four weeks later. Knew somebody else out there must have the same problems I did - Finding dirt track stuff reasonably priced. First (and only) product - Arai tear offs by the case for $19.95, but with the added convenience of being able to order them from the comfort of your home, and have them delivered to your door. Didn't even care if it made any money! It was up as a service to fellow racers (and a bit of a gouge to the ones that tried to screw us over).

It went off! Any profit made was rolled back into expanding.
Within 3 months, I burned out my little website, and expanded. 9 moths after that, expanded again. Now, it's on its own colocated server, and this is the 10th version of the site. It's also a full time job.

We've come a long ways since then, but the concept I started withremains the same. Decent parts at fair prices. Plain & simple.....
And what's left of the $11.95 pack of tear offs is still tacked to the back wall. Always reminds me of where I came from.


C.J. Wakula

me and pepe